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C.E. ANTS Company Limited
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Thai SMT+PTH PCBA & Box Build
Manufacturing Service Provider

PCB Assembly . S.M.T. (Surface Mount Technology) . Soldering . Contract Electronics Manufacturing . Electronics Manufacturing Service . LED . GPS . RFID

We help businesses succeed by providing quality Build-to-Print PCB assembly (PCBA) and full turnkey Electronics Manufacturing Service.

C.E. ANTS Company Limited is a contract electronics manufacturer (OEM EMS) located on the outskirt of Bangkok, Thailand, S.E. Asia.
Our core business is electronics circuit assembly by mounting electronic devices on PCBs and flex circuits (FPC), but we also do a fair amount of box build and cable assemblies.
We offer both turnkey and labour-only services. [Turnkey service is available for selected customers with repeat orders only.]

EXPRESS MASS PRODUCTION : We get your products to market faster at a reasonable price.

We specialize in PCB assembly - SMT reflow soldering, hand soldering and manual assembly.
We have experience in 0402 chip resistors, high power SMD LED, fine pitch connectors, 2835 LED and 1200mm PCB, amongst other things.
Currently we have five SMT lines for lead-free surface mount printed circuit board assembly (PCB Assembly).
Our pick-and-place machines are new (first hand) machines capable of handling current and future component packages.
We have capacity for 60 million SMD placements per month.

Guanrantee quality. Fast turnaround. Hi-tech manufacturing. Personal Service.

Let us worry about manufacturing (material supply chain and electronics assembly) so you can concentrate on product development (design) and business development (marketing).

We Deliver.

Proven record of our Commitment to Delivery :-

The medium volume PCB assembly house in Thailand

We welcome low volume SMT Assembly (MOQ $2300) and have the capacity and experience for high volume turnkey box-build assembly (MOQ $10000).

We offer several options for prototype and sample boards for current customers:-
1. Hand crafted prototypes - starting from USD 150 per batch
2. Temperature controlled samples - starting from USD 300 per batch
3. Automated assembly - starting from USD 450 per batch
* Options 2 and 3 give boards looking like production boards for exhibition and/or high frequency testing.
* We offer low cost solder paste screen print stencils ($90) for prototype boards and small production runs.

We are located in a convenient location with good infrastructures.
* Free and fast pickup by Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, et al.

More than just PCB assembly

Better sub-contracting experience and higher total cost saving in the long run.

Automated inspection to ensure you get good boards. Leave the manufacturing to the professionals with proper equipment.


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Reliable PCB assembly service in Bangkok, Thailand.
IPC Member
Lead-free SMT assembly and manual assembly at small, medium and high volume.

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